Ever crash after a long night of coding only to wake up realizing you didn’t turn off your EC2 instances and now you owe AWS $10? This is surprisingly easy to avoid in 2021.

This guide will show you how to automatically turn off your instance after a period of inactivity.

1. Find your EC2 Instance and click “+” in the Alarm Status column

Our first step is to find the EC2 instance we want to automatically turn off.

Clicking the “+” icon in the Alarm Status column will open up the page to manage CloudWatch Alarms (the feature we’ll be using)

Prop 16 is on the ballot and it’s confusing as heck. Ensuring racial equality shouldn’t be this twisted. Here’s my breakdown.

In a few weeks, California will be voting on Prop 16, a repeal of Prop 209 which banned discrimination or preferences “on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin in the operation of public employment, public education, or public contracting.”

Since Prop 209 passed in 1996, California has been 1 of 9 states that ban “affirmative action”, a reference to a 1961 executive order from JFK ordering federal contractors to “take affirmative action to ensure that…

The opportunity of self-driving cars presents so many fun and unique technical challenges.

Since joining Scale AI as a Customer Engineer, I’ve been diving deep in to all things self-driving and trying to learn as much as I can about AI, Computer Vision, and anything remotely related to those things.

I recently signed up for Udacity’s Self-Driving Car Nanodegree program and found the first project around Lane Finding with Computer Vision techniques to be very engaging.

The Problem:

The goal is to take videos of highway driving and annotate the vehicle’s lane markings by creating an image pipeline to identify and ultimately…

What we’re building

I don’t know about your team, but at least with the team I’m on, we have a lot of crazy, silly ideas that are very fun to discuss, but likely shouldn’t ever happen to preserve the sanity of those around us.

After seeing our sales team celebrating closed deals with a smash of the carnival hammer game, and our CSMs celebrating closed renewals with a gong-type thing, I’ll admit we were feeling a bit left out.

We started brainstorming what we could do, and our conversation about “how everyone looks cool dancing in strobe lights no matter…

There are hundreds of apps built to help you download your pics and videos from Instagram in exchange for your email address.

Most people don’t realize this is something you can do by yourself in about 30 seconds with no tools, apps, or money needed.

There’s only 4 steps needed to download public or private videos to your computer.

  1. With Google Chrome, use the actual Instagram website to get to the page where the image or video you want to download is.
    If the page is private, you will need to log in to your Instagram account first.

2. Click…

I was recently tasked with seeing how many customers on a list we had were shared with lists others were providing us.

No problem I thought, I’ll just export the report in Salesforce, do a quick VLOOKUP or COUNTIF based on the Account Website in Excel, and Voilà, I’ll have my list!

I exported my report and realized it wasn’t going to be quite as easy… we had all types of values in our “Website” field and the lists to compare to also had different domain formats.

I needed a way to normalize everything together:

I don’t know about you, but setting up domain configurations is one of the least fun parts about building and launching a site for me.

Setting up GoDaddy and Heroku was a particularly frustrating experience and I thought I’d try and help you avoid the same pitfalls.

As it turns out, it’s impossible to perfectly get Heroku and GoDaddy to play together well, but below is as close as you can get.

Why connecting GoDaddy and Heroku is challenging:

  1. Most platforms give you a CNAME record to point your www subdomain to, and then some IP Addresses for your A records to point to. …

Traditionally, there have been 3 main models for doing customer support for a SaaS-based business; Email, Phone, and Chat.

When I get asked how Engagio supports customers, I have always struggled to put it in one of those buckets.

At Engagio, we, like many SaaS-based startups turned to tools like Intercom to offer our customers an easy way to get in touch with us, ask questions, and get support.

The premise of Intercom (and other similar tools) is pretty simple, customers click the chat bubble, they open it up, and type their question. …

Tips on Being an Awesome Admin

If you’re a Salesforce Admin, there’s a good chance you’ve checked out the “Bulk Data Load Jobs” admin page to monitor the status of a big batch update or debug why an integration push didn’t go as expected.

Data Management and Data Quality are two things I’ve become very passionate about as I’ve dived into Salesforce.

One of the earliest and most consistent pain points for us was managing job titles. We have more than a handful of “title” related fields in our Salesforce instance, some examples would be

  • The default “Title” field
  • Title derived from Outsourced Work (UpWork, etc.)
  • 2 LinkedIn Title fields from two different apps
  • 4–5 Data Vendors fields (Clearbit, Leadspace, Reachforce, etc.)

The Problem

Most people and applications only look at and use the default “Title” field.

Not touching the Title field when augmenting data seems…

Shaun VanWeelden

Field Engineering Manager at Scale AI | At the intersection between Customers and Code

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